09 September 2013

0 PS90210: “are you saying that there’s anti-semitism?”/”the next jack kennedy, right here.”/”god, i love college.”

Alrighty, ya’ll. starting to feel settled into good old california university? starting to know your way around? yeah, our gang still feel like fish out of water, a feeling pledge week does nothing to ease. this week, so many things, so many problems.
what do you do when you think the sorority house you want to get into is anti-semitic? what happens when your girlfriend wants you to disco and you just wanna read a book?  what if pledging is the only way to stay close to your friends but you’re not really a joiner? what should you do when you’re mistaken for your brother’s girlfriend? what should you do when you’re burning the candle at both ends for a radio show no one is listening to? what if you’re the candidate of a political party full of lames? what if your political career is over before it even really began? all that and more in episode 4: ‘greek to me’… Continue reading 

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