26 August 2013

0 the meeting

debo's coming in a few weeks for a visit. we're planning both an overnight and an away day. the away day is yet to be finalized but yesterday we actually scheduled a meeting to discuss the details of our overnight. because this was occurring pre my mother's nap, at several points it sounded not so much like she was pronouncing the names of various estates in england as reading the letters off an eye chart. but we persevered!

tickets for the train = booked.

tickets to chatsworth = booked.

hotel = booked.

thanks to the beauty of technology, i forwarded debo a link and, together, we considered our hotel options. because we considered them at different rates, there was still a significant amount of wait! are you looking at bagshaw hall or the jug & glass inn?... look at the castle!... no, not the manor, the castle! but eventually we got ourselves on the same page and made some decisions.

we are staying at a b&b. a proper b&b. like, with breakfast included.

you know i've never done that! says debo.

neither have i! says i.

we both acknowledge that the fact that we are doing this with one another is maybe the most gilmore girls thing we have ever done. it is made possibly exponentially even more spectacular by the 76% chance that there will be a bath tub in our bedroom.

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