29 August 2013

0 ready or not

i'm trying to gear up, to come out of my summer 'i just want to lay in the park and cultivate the best tan of my life' hidey hole and re-cultivate my social life (wherein i can show of my amazing tan). to that end, last night i wound up at a fancy schmantzy cocktail bar in the heart of chinatown.

a bar with an unmarked door and a dude outside who has to approve you and then communicate with someone elsewhere via an earpiece who- like the wizard of oz- passes final judgement on whether you can or cannot go in.

my crowd passed muster. we got in.

this was a really really good bar with mirrored ceilings and 12£ cocktails. it's been awhile since i've been in a really really good bar with mirrored ceilings and $12 cocktails. by which i basically mean the violet hour.

i miss the violet hour. i miss chicago. i miss being in a city where i know the cool things one can do and the cool people to do them with. it's disorienting. not knowing.

there are times where i think living in a foreign country must be how it feels to be re-learning a language after having a stroke. you know how to do it and yet it's somehow different, somehow off, and so you have to learn it all again.

i feel like i'm learning how to live in a city all over again.

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