19 August 2013

0 PS90210: “but how do you leave your whole life behind?”/”france does strange things to people.”

So here we are, at the end of our real life and 90210 summers. school is starting soon which means all the college kids are going to college and all the non-school people are wondering what they’re doing with their lives because a whole other year has passed. do you do this? do you still think of the year in terms of a school year rather than an annual year? i do. well, i mean, i’m back in school now but even when i was in the non-academic world i’d have a major existential crisis every september because TIME WAS PASSING ME BY. i’m not sure what the point of that was except if you feel that way you are not alone!!! anyway…

season 4, episode 2: ‘the girl from new york city.’ it is, somewhat predictably, about a girl from new york city. huzzah. problems: well, this girl from new york city has some. donna, david and kelly have some at their new grown-people’s apartment (namely, EVIL FELICE). dylan and kelly have their lurve drama. brenda is super :( and then the girl from new york causes all sorts of angst for brandon.  plus, there’s steve being steve. oh, and ahhhhhhndrea is here but kind of not really at all. she must’ve had something else going on that week (a tryst with jordan bonner? cooking for gil?). alrighty then, let’s dive in… Continue reading 

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