17 July 2013

4 yesterday

the daily mail kept giving and giving and giving...

Beware the underbutt! Hotpants get even hotter as Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Cara Delevingne sport shorts so tiny they reveal the buttock crease
'buttock crease'... TEE HEE.

so, what is up with this:

Can 'lucky' tampons help Taiwan's birth rate? Pregnant women urged to hand over sanitary towels to those trying to conceive as good luck charms to boost births

and then there was this article on a newly imported US trend... American-style 'Sip and See' parties for new mothers arrive on our shores... but will Kate and Wills have one?

dear american parent friends, is this a real thing? i mean, i'm down with it but this is also the daily mail, so it could easily be that this is something only the kardashians did and that is now being trumpeted as something being done throughout the land.

mind you, i love britain, but srsly, british people, wtf?

Fifth of parents plan to give a Royal name to their newborn - with Harry and Sophie topping the list - and thousands expected to delay until Kate and Wills reveal their name
again, this is the DM so maybe there's no truth, but if even 8% of parents (and are these british parents, or parents ALL OVER THE WORLD? clarify, DM!) are waiting to name their children after the royal baby, that is ridic. 

speaking of the royal baby, which is pretty much all the DM is talking about these days...

then there was this!!!!!!!
Behind the scenes on the Royal baby's first photoshoot: Alison Jackson imagines a tiny crown, cuddles with grandma and a stroll in Kensington Gardens

because we needed this visual:


Meggie said...

1) Yes, I've heard (and been invited) to a Sip and See party. It seems to be a distinctly yuppie/WASPy type thing. It hasn't hit mainstream yet.

2) His head is absurdly large on that body.

Linda said...

tee hee. underbutt.

oline said...

good to know. i love how something predominently done by yuppie WASPS is being presented in terms of 'ALL OF AMERICA IS DOING THIS AND SO NOW ARE WE!!!'

and, omg, i cannot get this picture out of my head. it is horrifying.

oline said...

we're sooooooooo mature!