21 July 2013

3 the unexpected bonuses of going to brixton on a saturday night, drinking african chai at midnight, having the owner of a closed restaurant reopen so we could eat ethiopian at 1, going to an african club in the basement of a closed pizza parlor at 3, crashing at a friend's flat at 4, being wide awake because of the aforementioned african chai and so going to catch the tube at 6 only to discover it doesn't run until 7 on sundays, and then walking through the city to the bus stop?

(1) the discovery i am maybe not entirely too old for this shit.
(2) london was all mine.


Linda said...

good heavens! I have two immediate reactions..

1. that is AWESOME
2. are you going to tell your mother??!

oline said...

well, in my delirium yesterday afternoon, a lot of it did come tumbling out. but any liquor was edited out and it was relayed so quickly she may not have twigged on to the fact that most of it occurred after 12 a.m.

Linda said...

I like where your head's at.