18 July 2013

3 the conversation

debo (who is in franklin and speaking with an accent that could only be described as THICK): we got cupcakes for my birthday... one was like 'a E-claire, the other was full of coffee and the other one was sau[totally indistinguishable drawl] kar-A-mell.

oline: wait, what? sausage caramel??

debo: yes... sau[totally indistinguishable drawl] kar-A-mell and the consistency of the cake was like cornbread...

oline: but, wait... SAUSAGE CARAMEL??

debo: YES, yes. it was so good, we're going back...

oline: hold on... SAUSAGE CARAMEL???

debo: YES.

oline: like, the breakfast meat covered in caramel sauce? SAUSAGE?? in CARAMEL??

debo: NO! heavens! i said salted. SALTED caramel. you're getting so hoity-toity over there in london and now you can't understand how i speak!


Katie C said...

I'm really glad you didn't attempt to you context clues and just figure out what she said because this just cracked me up. :D

Meggie said...

Is it bad that I totally got "salted caramel" at the very first guess of sausage?

oline said...

i should mention that our connection was HORRID. one of those times where it feels like we're all speaking through old timey phones. plus my mother was in a car and simultaneously relaying everything i said to my aunt and my father, so it was like sitting in an echo chamber and speaking through an old timey phone. srsly, an ear trumpet would not have helped under these conditions.

additionally, it was late evening here in the future AND remember: i'm half deaf.

that is All of the Excuses! (for what actually was probably just a unilateral comprehension fail on my part)