09 July 2013

0 PS90210: “well, there’s always california university” (part THE END)

OHMYGOD, YOU GUYS, IT IS THE END. are you ready to leave west beverly? are you ready for california university? if not, no worries, we’ve got a solid six or seven episodes of season four before the gang is back together again and everybody’s enrolled at CU. and… we’ve still not gotten the gang graduated yet.
so, let’s do this.
problems? meh. what to do when you think your dad doesn’t love you? what to do when you forget your speech? what to do when you’ve got oodles of moula? what to do when everyone you know is going to california university? things are winding down so mostly, we’ve just got the resolution of some outstanding business and the creating of the WHAT IF EVERYONE GOES TO DIFFERENT COLLEGES NEXT YEAR dramarama.
class of 1993 (dear god, how long ago that was), woo! Continue reading 

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