20 July 2013

0 i'm sorry about quoting this entire article, but he is king of my hate bucket and this is very HA.

Before Justin Timberlake stepped onto the NYC set of his music video for the trademark-infringing song “Take Back The Night,” he prepared his hair for a serious battle against the humidity. Bitch was not going to let the humidity take back the straight from his hair. Justin got three Kertain treatments, smothered his hair with some Luster’s Pink Smooth Touch Relaxer, ironed it on an ironing board Hairspray-style, made Gabourey Sidibe and CoCo sit on his hair for a few hours and then he shellacked the whole thing. Bitch killed the curl and his glorious ramen noodle hair is never coming back. JT looks like he’s wearing a plastic hair wig inspired byMacklemore’s ‘do and that’s just the way he likes it.
And while he was killing his curls, I wish somebody killed that outfit before it ended up on his body. He’s got a damn trompe l’oeil bullet-proof vest on his white shirt. I wish International Male (RIP!) would take back that outfit.
and... i need you to know... on royal baby watch (fyi, nope not yet, but i kinda feel like they're just dicking around with us at this point), they keep referencing the epic WE ARE LIVING HISTORY IT HAS NEVER BEEN THIS HOT EVER heatwave. you guys, that shit is for real. i'm from the south. i've lived in chicago for 7 years with an AC of limited effectiveness. i've opened car doors in memphis and felt the wall of trapped heat that comes out and smacks you in the face. i tell you, right now, this island is that car. 

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