26 July 2013

1 all of the things

in september, debo is coming to london. in september, also, k.clen is coming to london. woo!

pretty much all of the days, lindear and i discuss food. but, somewhat semi-bi-annually, we fall upon the subject of beauty products we are using/beauty experimentations we are conducting/beauty compromises we are enduring/beauty mistakes we have made. i've nothing further to say about that beyond the fact that, during an image search for a post i was going to write about that convo but ultimately didn't, this video emerged:


and i find it TERRIBLY MESMERIZING. right?!?! i mean, it's from a movie so there's characterization happening here, but look at the violence with which she applies that eye-shadow. girl is confident about her ability to paint. i feel i'm always so ginger about applying makeup, probably because i've a history of ripping out my eyelashes with the curler. but this footage makes me want to really get in there and put that shit on. to own it. 

also, The Glasses. omg, The Glasses. there's only one mirror in my flat. a dinky one hung crookedly over the sink in the bathroom. it is tiny. the bathroom is tiny. the bulb is tiny. not exactly the best environment for applying make-up. but also not ideal for pre-going-out i am a badass mirror self-assessments. this footage is making me reassess the lack of mirrors in my flat. maybe i would be better at being a badass if there were more. 

writing is going well. at least it was going well the last time i looked. i've not looked in a couple days. 

you'd be surprised by (1) how very much can qualify as research and (2) how very often research can be done on youtube. 

the other day, i watched CBS's complete coverage of the assassination of JFK. and then also NBC's. on a very very very reduced scale, the differences between the two reveals the significance of where we get our news. 

since then i've been thinking a lot about news and about how news is delivered and about how, increasingly, the pitch at which news is delivered is problematic. for we cannot always be in a state of heightened emotion. and, while i'm very much in favor of awareness (of things like this and this and this), much as i love to read it, it is impossible to endure life in the state of frenzy that is the editorial standard of the daily mail. which is, kind of where most american televised news is. 

this morning i received an email for a conference on trauma that contended this: 'Trauma studies has emerged from its foundation in psychoanalysis to be a dominant methodology for understanding contemporary events and our reactions to them.' which would seem to imply that the contemporary experience is inherently traumatic, a statement that- purely from a journalistic perspective- i'm coming to think is true.

a lighter note: the other day, my therapist asked how i 'mother' myself and i told her i do a lot of face masks. hearing this, she laughed out loud.


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Linda said...

on the beauty front, I am SUPER late to the dry shampoo party, but I cannot say enough awesome things about it! Especially as a brunette! (dark hair looks grosser faster, right?)

Today I slept late and did not have time to wash (and today is "YOU MUST SHAMPOO OR YOU WILL BE SORRY" day), and I just dry shampooed all the oil out.

Was going to email this to you, oline, but the rest of your people need to know. I am evangelizing!