17 June 2013

0 ps90210: “well, there’s always california university” (part 1)

And here we are, at long last. remember LAST JUNE ELEVENTH when we started this season? we were so young then, ya’ll. i lived in a whole other country and brenda was french. a lot has happened and we’ve come a long way to get here, the last hoo-rah of season three… ‘commencement.’
as has been the case in all the recent episodes, there’s whole lots of senior shit going on here. we’ve got the senior wills, the senior breakfast, and- drumroll- graduation! huzzah.
you know what else we gots? PROBLEMS. you know it!
what to do when you come into your millions? what to say when your BFF can’t write a speech and you’re pretty sure she’s in love with you? what to do when you misnumbered your multiple choice test? what to do if you might not graduate? what to do when you’ve gotten into the university of minnesota but everyone you know’s going to freaking california U?
btw, the subtitle of this episode could be: how all of our characters- but one- winds up attending california university.  Continue reading 

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