06 June 2013

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k.clen and i are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay into emoticons.

not the emoticons in the title because those are text-based emoticons. nope, we're into the hardcore application specific emoticons. the kind of ones that are animated.

like, we get super-excited about a viber update where they add more.

and we tell whole stories through them.

sometimes i wonder, is this how the younger generation communicates? through symbols that the iphone 4 viber preview summarizes as 'TEETH'

but then, omg, i totally heart them and k.clen does too. it makes everything so easy.

beginning conversations.

ending conversations.

y'know... conveying emotion.

i remember in college freshman year when we were all using AIM (remember AIM?) and we were all the time being like, 'no, i didn't mean that to sound like it did written there! that was a compliment! i'm sorry it looked like i called you a cow!' yeah, that sucked. the whole 'we are in a venue where we are communicating without tone after a lifetime of communicating with it' business.

maybe now we're all accustomed to that. maybe now we no longer need signifiers to say 'i mean for this to be nice.' because when i was hanging out with c.smartt and her friend, both avid users of viber (as all americans living outside of america apparently are) and was all like, 'OHMYGODYOUGUYS, are the new viber emoticons not totally amaze-balls?!?!!?' they were super unimpressed. as in, they may not have even noticed that a whole library of emoticons came with the latest update.

i like to think that k.clen and i, in our use of emoticons, are on the cutting edge. that we are in tune with the youths of today. that, like us, they are communicating in TEETH and FLIRTS and stickers that say LOL. there's a 75% chance that's a delusion, but i like to think it all the same. 

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