18 June 2013

1 i am now going to give you maybe the greatest gift ever

this is a gift of several parts. like where you pack a tiny yet brilliant thing in six boxes of increasingly big size.

firstly, do you remember that clip of the kid playing the jurassic park theme on the melodica, which was the most amazing thing ever?

yeah, that's key to understanding the awesomeness of what i'm about to give you so i'll give you a second to go watch it and recover... 

did you watch it??




part 1 of this story:

point 1: i'm increasingly convinced that, after jackie's three more years are up, i want to write the life of tonya harding

conclusion: every time i think of tonya harding now (which is multiple times an hour) i hear the jurassic park theme song played on a melodica.

part 2 of this story: 

my dad has inherited joe's french horn, i think. if it's not a french horn per say then it's some type of huge horn in that section of the orchestra. in the last month or so, inspired by that melodica player, he has been teaching himself how to play it. 

essentially, he is just playing it like a kazoo. it creates a music akin to nothing so much as farts. and the only song he "knows" is the theme to jurassic park.

as this is something that obviously needs to be experienced outside of the family... mon cadeau pour vous!

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