28 May 2013

1 things that make me feel old

1. today, at the age of 31 and 363 days, i walked up the 225 steps of montmartre at a moderately brisk pace and nearly suffered cardiac arrest. this is either a challenge to train for the 193 steps at covent garden station or an omen that i should attempt stairways of no more than 30 steps. either way, it has given me ENORMOUS regard for the people who do the 1,632 steps of the hancock building.  bravo, people, BRAVO.

2. when debo, my aunt, and i came in 2009, very bad trip 1 was here. now, we are on very bad trip 3. we also still do not understand why it can't just be called the hangover if it's going to be in english anyway.

1 comment:

Meggie said...

There are people that race up the stairs of the Empire State Building. They are crazy. But, here is my question... Where the steps narrow and twisty with a sheet of metal where the handrail should be? LOL!