31 May 2013

0 may: a revue

'i love a wedding meatball.'

'you just hang onto that shred and water it like the beautiful flower sprout that it is!'

'i am taking this as an opportunity to order So Much Pizza.'

'so is he basically fart-sounding a french horn to the tune of jurassic park???'

'i do, however, find myself a little less patient with the brady's constant sunniness this time around.'

'i think i could've really succeeded in baseball if we used whiffle bats.'

'like, it was BREAKING NEWS on CNN.'

'i just saw that it was your father's birthday on mother's day! who knew? (i'm guessing you did).'

'i mean, you know this is going to be a good story if that's where it starts.'

'people say THAT and i can't get amazoning to happen?'

'usually i don’t do caffeine while i am a cauldron, but today, i am making an exception.'

'we are equally shifty.'

'totally owning my dutchness today. we are a boring people with interesting royals.'

'shake dat AY-USS!'

'i will now take this entire week to make sure my husband remembers that mother’s day is this sunday. i love that man and want him to succeed. '

'is tres de mayo really a thing?'
'ha, no. it is apparently what sleepy dutch christians do when cinco de mayo falls on a sunday.'

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