17 April 2013

0 this morning i killed a bee

not just any bee. the BIGGEST BEE to have ever existed in the history of the world. for real. i thought someone was using a power mower outside, then i saw the bee's shadow and realized that the noise was, in fact, not a power mower but merely the gentle flapping of his wings. and that he was, in fact, not outside but in my house.

he's dead now. because i threw a boot with a particularly vicious heel at him and nailed the shot.

because, when i went to remove the boot and got a good look at him his carcass seemed to be slowly unflattening and coming back to life, he will likely live under the particularly vicious heel of that boot until i go on a date, make friends with a dude, or summon the 19.99£ to buy a dustbuster.

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