08 April 2013

0 PS90210: “people do what they want to do."

ALL OF THE THINGS, ya’ll! for reals. everything that has been simmering for the last eternity (brandon’s gambling, kelly’s eating, david’s musical career), tonight it goes BOOM! well… ok, maybe it’s more of a light bang. if we have learned anything from this season of 90210 it is that plots, like baby elephants, are slow to be born and there’s still 7 episodes left of the season.
today we’ve got ‘duke’s bad boy’ and, as per usual, so many problems. what to do when your boyfriend’s music totally sucks? what to do when you don’t know how to talk to your boyfriend anymore? what to say when your BFF is taking diet pills? how to ask someone to do something for you when they’ve just said they like you because you don’t ask anything of them? how to get into AP english when you’ve missed the first 6 months of class? what to do when you’ve lied to your dad and you don’t have the money? Continue reading 

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