12 April 2013

2 done

a month ago, when i walked into the maughnam library, i couldn't even find the books. at senate house, located in the building hitler planned to make his HQ when he won the world, i had more luck.

though british call numbers remain an enigma, i found books! books i had actually set out to find! mind you, only american books because i dared not venture beyond the US studies floor into the murky world of british studies on floor five.

and, admittedly (since this has turned into a warts and all confessional), having found said books, i then could not figure out how to leave the library, but still. progress. overall, this bodes well for my new goal of reading All of the Books without going bankrupt.

things that are true and also maybe obvious: never ever wear a pleather jacket and a leather back pack to a library. it's really really quiet in there and you will be very loud.


Katie C said...

I am both shocked and somehow appreciative that you just referred to the one, the only, the beautiful cambridge satchel of much talk and glory as a "leather back pack".
What ever is London doing to your snobbery?

oline said...

it's behavior wasn't worthy of the cambridge satchel name. it was behaving like a backpack!