11 March 2013

4 gertrude

the last quarter of senior year, partner and i carried stuffed pigs around school.

writing that now it seems both childish and phenomenally bold.

i'm not entirely sure why we did this outside of the simple fact that we wanted to. and, really, as a kid how often do you have the balls to do something stupendously ridiculous simply because it is what you want. because it will make you feel better. not often.

so we carried these pigs. we hugged them during class. other people asked to hold them and said they were cool.

(were they lying? or did every senior that spring, when our lives were about to change forever and we were all preparing to be grownup, wish they had a stuffed animal to hug?)

arnold was white, gertrude was pink. i'd gotten them during a visit to atlanta in the mid-80s and then in that spring of 1999, partner had comandeered arnold as her own.

this is all background so you'll get the significance when i say: guess who's coming to london...


mak said...
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mak said...


FYI - Punchinella is still chilling with me, waiting for her Oline (and her Libby) to come visit. :)

mak said...

(am I the only one that wishes there was an edit comment feature on here....?)

Amy said...

I just love it. And Rachel and I still love Arnold (although me more than her). Glad Gertrude is there for you to hug. Love you!