18 February 2013

1 we are family

my father (who always has a  light-beard when we skype) is going to this art workshop on march 5th. because, on a recent visit to brooks museum, he found this artist he really liked and then found out that artist was teaching a workshop and he signed up for that workshop. 

the aforementioned visit to brooks occurred on saturday. please appreciate how all of these things (the discovery of the artist and the subsequent superfandom) have happened in the span of two days. 

i am a lot like my father. i know this. but there are moments where the scales fall from my eyes and i can see how clearly this is true, not on some superficial haha we totally laugh at the same things level but as in how our brains work.

my father is going to this art workshop on march 5th. in advance of that, he has to provide the workshop organizers with two pieces of material that he wants to incorporate into the mixed media piece he will be making at this workshop. in the last 24 hours, this fact has led to a full-on panic.

WHAT IS HIS THEME? WHAT SHOULD HE DO? he keeps asking me this as if it is something i could possibly answer. i can only respond that he needs to remember that this is a workshop. that he isn't taking it to produce a masterpiece but, rather to learn techniques.

we are in the midst of something of a family renaissance (you should well know by now that anything any of us does is then echoed twice over). i am writing and going to lectures. my mother is painting and going to exhibits. my father is questing and taking workshops.

my mother produces these fabulous watercolors in a primitive style. they are beautiful. but my father and i are totally mystified by her method. because she'll start with an idea and then decide to throw in beads or new colors or new textures and wind up with an idea ten ideas from the idea that she began with.

my father does not work like that. the idea he begins with is the one with which he'll end.

he asks, BUT WHAT SHOULD I DO?!??! and then it hits me. he is trying to become an expert in advance of the workshop. to perfect the craft that he is ostensibly going to this workshop to learn. 

why are you laughing? he asks, and i say, because sometimes you make so much sense of me. 

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Lara Ehrlich said...

This makes me miss you (and your father) so much! I'm taking a poetry workshop right now, and every week in advance of workshop, I panic about how my poem is not perfect yet--even though the point is to have the teacher and class WORKSHOP the poem!