02 February 2013

0 thrifty

yesterday, i went to the YMCA thriftshop to suss out the prices of housewares. for that purpose, the YMCA thriftshop turned out to be a bit of a flop, as the housewares were significantly more pricey than they needed to have been.

but, i inevitably wandered into the books section and, equally inevitably, wound up buying a book, striking a deal with myself that i could buy one book so long it was as cheap as possible and enormous. the page count and consequent hours of reading enjoyment thus minimizing the luxury of paying for a book after i'd given away hundreds pre-move in chicago.

for 99 pence, i bought a 928-page novel by barbara taylor bradford.

what is that? 1 pence for every 9.3 pages? not bad.

i prioritized price over plot, giving the back cover description the absolute barest of glances. so it's both comical and destiny then that what i wound up with is a 928-page novel about a biographer in britain who declared defiantly: 'i intend to take a fresh approach... it will be a modern approach, and i'm going to write it in such a way that it will make very popular reading.'

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