25 February 2013

0 so, random thing

constantly, i am now asked for my title. like, every account i've created, whether it's for the broadband, the phone, or amazon UK, i've had the option of miss, ms, mrs, dr and mr. sometimes, as in the instance above, there's just a mr  or a mrs. 

so precision is either a very big deal or not a deal at all, apparently. 

i look forward to a time when i can put dr and have it not be an outright life but, in the meantime, i put miss. right? i feel this is not what the enlightened woman would do. actually, i'm pretty sure the enlightened woman would put 'ms.' because isn't that how 'ms' came into being... from a movement of enlightened women? but honestly i don't feel like a 'ms.' 'ms' feels very try-hard. still, isn't 'miss' what kids call their nursery school teachers? miss so-and-so. 

i am so not miss so-and-so. 

yet, i would identify more as a miss than as a ms. miss is what i've been putting, for what it's worth, whether it's true or not. 

still, every time i confront this question, i have to think about it. because, on the one hand, i feel these titles mean nothing. on the other hand, they are identifiers. and identity- one's ability to both choose and have it- is a terribly important thing. 

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