04 February 2013

0 PS90210: “the longer you wait to tell the truth, the worse it gets for everyone.”

This was the season i said was a lot like mad men, season 3, isn’t it? i think i may have jumped the shark with that statement, as there’s pretty much nothing experimental happening here, except maybe a test of our patience for the unfolding of brandon’s gambling plot.
today, class, so many problems as per usual. (1) what is the proper storage method for a breakup box? (2) what to buy with $450? (a ten disc cd changer, but of course!) (3) how do you handle your potential for future rock stardom? (4) is it better to tell the truth up-front or drag everything out with lies? (5) is it wise to send love notes via fax? (6) do crystals really dispel the negative energy? (7) what, pray tell, is ‘trance-dance synth pop’?

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