11 February 2013

0 PS90210: “it’s time we learned how to defend ourselves.”/”it just feels like everything’s changing.”

Oh ya’ll. in my mind, season 3 of beverly hills 90210 gets reduced to pretty much one thing: DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES. but that’s rather ungenerous of me because SO.MUCH.SHIT happens before she does. today’s episode, ‘dead end’, might seem a bit pedestrian at first. there’s lots ‘o problems as usual (what to do when you’ve come into money but can’t get your hands on it fast enough! what to do to defend yourself! what to do when you’ve dug yourself some gambling debt and spent all your money on skis! what to do when you’ve picked a record deal over your BFF!) blah blah blah, and then… BOOM.
wait for it…

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