27 February 2013

0 i do not have the internet this week

so my emailing and blogging has been limited to stolen moments on stolen internet in various cafes. this'll be quickly written and riddled with typos and half-thought thoughts.

some things...

POUNDLAND (ie. the uk dollar store) = my new great love.

today, i finally braved the school library. meaning: i walked through the doors, figured out how to swipe my card, walked inside, was COMPLETELY overwhelmed, and left. i do not like libraries. they confuse me. all the numbers and systems when all i need is a shelf that reads 'everything you need to write about jackie.' sadly, no such shelf exists and so i work up my courage only to be overwhelmed. tomorrow, i'm going back. i am committed to making it past the foyer this time.

there are no drawers in my flat. excepting the vegetable/fruit drawer in the fridge, which- let's be honest- doesn't really count because it's not like i can keep all of my important papers in there.

i have so many important papers.

more important papers than i can remember ever having had at any other point in my life.

my passport. the loan letter regarding my funds. the letter from the school saying i am enrolled. the letter from the school attesting to my address. the letter from the NHS noting that i have insurance. the letter from the jobs bureau declaring that i can be employed.

scratch that. maybe it's not so much that i have so many papers as that i have so many numbers. an SSN. a passport number. a visa number. a student number. a library barcode. a barclays membership number. an NHS number. a national insurance number.

numbers and letters. lots.

lest that read as a complaint, i should clarify that the letters i'm whining about are official letters. unofficial letters are lovely.

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