10 February 2013

3 ex-patted

i spent the day at a conference on paris in the 20s. mostly because i've begun to pine for a parisian idyll, and going to a conference on paris on a whim was far cheaper than going to the city itself.

slowly, secretly, i'm amassing a trove of american stereotypes. here is what i have so far:

*americans put ketchup on everything.
*americans eat everything with their hands.
*americans love comebacks.

today, i learned something new. in the conference brochure, there was a plug for a program entitled 'SUPERPOWER', which focusses on 'america's continued domination on the world stage'. i was struck by two things.

(1) this write-up was entirely in the past tense.

(2) the date on our 'SUPERPOWER' status was 1950-2000.


oline said...

where did everybody go?? did the jane austen characterizing have a silencing effect?

Linda said...

I can't successfully deny the truth of asterisk item #3.

jmillewitz said...

I agree with *3 as well, and you totally have to go to this. (and report back)