25 January 2013

0 t-minus... huh.

as the dane pointed out when i was applying for this program, getting into it would basically be a realization of the 20.09.13 plan. it was a statement that boggled my mind. because of all the things i'd imagined the 20.09.13 plan might mean, i never foresaw a PhD.

so i'm not sure if this effectively restarted the clock on my 3 year plan or what. i don't think it did. but, at the same time, the plan seems a bit passe. but then i love the passe, so i guess i'll keep counting down. (thank you for still being my friend after the naval gazing of those two paragraphs.)

it's hard to remember that i'm here for 3 years. that this is, like, REAL. and not just a vacation with an insane quantity of jackie writing for homework.

so when the usual panic of I MUST SEE EVERYTHING! I MUST GO TO THERE! flares up, and i start looking up tickets to istanbul, athens, bucharest, sarajevo, and rome, i have to remind myself that this is where i am now. god-willing, it's not some fleeting thing.

now is the time of trying to memorize all the pins for my banking (2 accounts, 20 zillion pins!) and for looking at apartments and for trying to live on a budget and for writing 6,000-8,000 words on jackie critical theory. there will be time for seeing everything and going there but now is not that time.

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