07 January 2013

3 srsly

my quest to comprehend british tipping practices has led to this little bit of stereotype:

"An easy way to begin a discussion with a stranger (in a pub, queue, train, etc) is to talk about the weather. All British people have an opinion on the weather and most can tell you what the weather is due to do for the next 4/5 days. Being knowledgeable about the British weather is an essential part of living / visiting here. You will sometimes see people carrying umbrellas (brollies) on roasting hot, sunny days because they know that it will rain intensely later in the afternoon for about 45 minutes. You ignore this expert knowledge at your own risk. Remember - in Britain, there is no such thing as bad weather: there are only the wrong clothes. Avoid this by checking the forecasts."


Meggie said...

Do they tip? I know Europeans don't tip but god, the Brits are so weird where sometimes they consider themselves European and other times they don't.

oline said...

no tipping in cabs, minimal tipping of a pound everywhere else. in retrospect, this explains why the cabbie's jaw dropped at heathrow last time when i gave him all my leftover cash. if only i'd read this stereotype-laden letter, i would've known to simply ask him about the weather instead.

Les Savy Ferd said...

Huh. Perhaps my glaswegian ancestors are to blame for my obsessive weather-checking.