14 January 2013

0 PS90210: "don't invite somebody and then hit them up for a hundred bucks."

And WE’RE BACK. it’s 1993. finally. and all our friends in 90210land are still just as full of problems as they were in 1992.
first up… “the game is chicken.” wikipedia summarizes the episode thusly:
Steve and Brandon get involved in the world of high stakes drag racing, and their dangerous endeavor leads them to the very person who might be responsible for Andrea’s accident. David’s determination to graduate early means he has little time to work in the D.J. booth. Meanwhile, Brenda and Kelly agree to a double date with two Princeton men, only to find that their dates are not exactly the stuff dreams are made of.
problems to be solved: what if the detention bully won’t leave you alone? what if your blind double date totally sucks? what if you can’t decide between two women? what if you’ve given the guy you like all the power? what if you’re a better dj than your boyfriend? what if you’ve been recently hit by a car and hypnotherapy isn’t really working?
all of these problems and more… SOLVED, on this episode of PS90210. Continue reading 

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