17 January 2013

4 !!!!!!!!!!!! (part deux)

as it turns out, today will go down in oline history for two equally revelatory, incredibly disparate things.

(1) it was the day i met with the department supervisor for my induction into the department (a terminology that would imply admission into the military, but is- to all appearances- a fancy british way of saying "orientation") and had my first moment of "holy shit, i'm a doctoral student."

(2)  it was also the day that, at very long last, i found the eggs. they were not by the bread, but by the sugar. and they are, evidently, a "freedom food."


mak said...

I suppose the eggs' free status is the explanation for their "mixed size" or is there another, more fancy British way or explaining that?

oline said...

i'm very unclear on what any of that means. i thought i accidentally didn't pick up free range (hence the barn?), but there's all this talk of freedom on the packaging and the lack of size discrimination. it's all very confusing.

Meggie said...

But they don't have the freedom. We have it.

Les Savy Ferd said...

induction = gross word.

Happy doctoraling!