15 January 2013

2 a brief message from the vieve

hey ya'll. vieve here. 

oline's in the blah blah blabbity boo whatev. i'm here to give you all the news you really want to know. like, what the heck is up with ME? 

so i'm doing lots of stuffs here. for one thing, i'm working some really awesome camouflaging effects with this chair. 

(you may notice i look a little round. please don't comment. it's not my fault! i'ma blame grandebo and grandgary. they keep stuffing me with turkey and cheese! and i would decline but, y'know, that is just not polite and- despite my unknown presumably shady past- i am a southerner and we southerners, we can do just about anything but be impolite.) 

i'm basically living in a mansion now, don't you know. the other day, i overheard oline and grandgary talking about it and they said it was like i'd gone from owning rhode island to the whole united states. I AM AN AMERICAN HEIRESS.

i'm so grand now that i've a whole room devoted to musical instruments that nobody plays. well, that's not entirely true. i, of course, have taken to playing the piano at night. and i'm gonna play that cello one of these days. i overheard joe talking about it and he said the bow couldn't be touched by human hands, but he said nothing about furry paws. oh, ya'll, if i could get my furry paws on that thing, i'd have so much fun. 

i have a sneaking suspicion that grandebo and grandgary are trying to fatten me with turkey and cheese so as to limit my fun-having abilities. mayhaps it is a conspiracy...

whatev, we all know i'll be the victor because i am a wily minx. 

love you bitches,
la vieve


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oline said...

she's definitely rooting for you on the big kitty front!!