02 November 2012

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* "Right now, Dan Savage is our country's sex doctor and its love doctor, its number-one gay and its cheerleader for straights, its theorist of gay marriage and of straight marriage. There is, therefore, nothing particularly gay about the work he does at the moment; he has transcended those categories." (via

* "Pearson acknowledged she is an unconventional queen." YAY. (via)

* "You might think I’m overreacting, or too sensitive, or need to be reminded that this was all in jest.  To repeat: the idea that this sort of action could be 'all in jest' is a product of white privilege.  It is, plain and simple, exploitation, and exploitation of the disenfranchised.  Arguing that it’s 'just a joke' is tantamount to arguing that systemic race and class exploitation is 'just a joke.' This sort of behavior is a symptom of the greater, systemic disease.  That’s the sad, totally shameful truth." (via

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