01 November 2012

10 oh boy

i fell down an adrien brody wormhole this past weekend, watching a slew of his movies while recovering from a cold. because he's pretty.

this necessitated some googling to remind myself that he is also euro-douchey... the worst possible kind of douchey to be when you're an american. 

exhibit a: 
(and yes, i'm aware of the irony that if my beloved eugene were wearing this i'd be all about it, 
but he's russian. it makes a difference.)

exhibit b:

exhibit c: 

exhibit d: 

has your brain exploded? 

does this make it better?


Linda said...

what is the best Adrian Brody movie? I don't think I've seen one.

Linda said...

and if the answer isn't the rhinoceros movie, what is that one?

oline said...

hmmm... WELL. i would suggest "darjeeling limited." because, well, wes anderson and all. and AB wears huge glasses and a sleeping mask, which obviously reenforces the fact that we are meant to be. then there's "the pianist", for which he won an oscar. so that's more about weeping, not about attractiveness. this weekend, i watched "detachment", about how fucked up public schools are. mediocre movie, but the performances were good and he was good and wore white shirts and was kind to prostitutes in it. oh, oh, i almost forgot. BROTHERS BLOOM. watch "brothers bloom" immediately! it is amaze-balls. brothers bloom first then darjeeling. that's my suggestion.

oline said...

also... my criteria for men, based on that comment:
1. huge glasses
2. sleeping mask
3. white shirts
4. kind to prostitutes

oline said...

the rhinoceros movie is "midnight in paris." not an AB movie, but a movie you should see nonetheless so you can appreciate paris all the more when you come to visit me there.

oline said...

btw: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BEf2nRwKX8&feature=fvwrel

oline said...

also, the gif of the day from my father was of AB and entitled "YOUR BOYFRIEND." this is obviously out of control.

as is my lack of commentpooling.

Linda said...

I got here and was all "oh, seven comments! there must have been some good discussion between a few people.." and then clicked the comment link and smiled.

oline said...

(1) i love your use of the word "here." as though we're all at some physical place like chuck.e.cheese. YES. this is the environment i've hoped to create. chuck.e.cheese, circa 1985.

(2) let's be real. i cannot carpool. like, never. you know this.

(3) the reply function is maybe the best thing evah!

oline said...

so, this is where we are on my blog. only you and i comment. let's embrace it. it's like early 2006 all over again...