14 November 2012

0 i have resisted lincoln. this review might make me give in.

"At its heart, Lincoln! is a wonky political procedural about the mad scramble to pass the 13th Amendment [...] It's basically one of those episodes of the West Wing where Josh and Leo and Toby are running around dropping tasty bon mots in secret meetings with congressmen trying to scrounge up votes for the gun bill or whatever—except everyone is wearing a bonnet and talking about 'negroes' like it's totally normal."

"99% of Abraham Lincoln's waking hours were spent walking slowly in silhouette while someone played a bugle." 

"Seriously, I know she had a rough go of it and this is just one movie's interpretation, but every time she started shrieking and melting I wanted to give her a hysteria-bonk and be all, "Quiet, woman! The men are trying to do history!" So thanks for turning me into a sexist nightmare-person, Mary-T."

"And sure, at one point, Lincoln's magical Tupac hologram (Picture Me Shawlin'!) appears inside a majestic candle flame and gives a speech about liberty from beyond the grave..." 

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