26 October 2012

2 red lips

my mother and i have this years long ongoing effort to find a red lipstick that:

(a) doesn't make it look like our lips are bleeding and (b) stays put.

this has, thus far, gone not great.

but, in oklahoma, k.lo (ie. The Master)- delirious in walmart- found a shade that worked for me and i, in turn, told my mother.

debo's in town. after dinner with k.clen, after we ran home in the rain and all put on pajamas and piled in front of the tv to watch a beloved judy garland film, debo excused herself to go the bathroom.

she returned with red lips.

my father said nothing. we watched the movie until the end and everyone went to bed.

it was only then, with all the lights out, that i heard my father tell my mother: "them's be some RED LIPS. i can see them glowing in the dark!"


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i knew you would appreciate that one