12 October 2012

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*"To the extent that fiction shapes us — and I think we’re finally starting to understand just how powerful communal stories are — many women have been hard-wired to be genuinely moved by storylines that we have also, much later, been taught to regard as stupid." (via)

*"Our society still doesn’t allow women to enjoy sex for the sake of enjoying sex. Women can only enjoy sex if love has something to do with it." (via)

*"The question he can't answer is this: How could the members of a generation so willing to lecture everyone else on personal responsibility not recognize, even at this stage in their lives, their collective responsibility for ending this mess?" (via)

*"it was a series about America, where — as in the real America — not everyone believed the same thing. “Friday Night Lights” went out of its way to portray all viewpoints sympathetically, and it is now being used to champion just one. Coach Taylor would not approve." (via)

*"How about Connie Britton? ... Wasn’t it refreshing to see a real face on television? And a sometimes badly lit one? Connie Britton is 45. She’s not afraid of not looking 25. There were lines. There was evidence of moisture and elasticity loss. And it was SO beautiful. It also felt like a discovery. We’ve actually now reached a point where seeing an actress who hasn’t jacked up her face seems like a new invention." (via) 

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