15 October 2012

0 PS90210: “you are doing exactly what society has done to women for centuries. you are blaming the victim. she should not be on trial.”

Hey, remember how last week i was all “yo, it’s gonna get experimental up in here?” yeah, not so much. yet. because this week we’re hitting up “a presumption of innocence,” which is totally standard 90210 fare. preachy, judgie-wudgie, Imporant with dramaz unfolding chronologically. but “wild horses” is nigh! wait for it…
back to this week. this week we’re solving the problems of friendcest, sexual impropriety, sexual abuse, sexy dancing, pollution and what do to when you fail to register to vote in advance of an election you really want to vote in. so… y’know, this is timely, ya’ll.
plus, this week it’s dylan’s 18th birthday!
CAKE! applause! happiness! {continue reading}

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