31 October 2012

0 LYM!

(btw, lots of gary/debo time ahead so there's liable to be an infusion of family forwardness here. brace yourselves!)

when my parents were in town last week, my dad lost his phone. 

and so debo did what she does and extended joe and burvil's phone contract into the heavens so my dad would be entitled to an iphone. a technology he so does not need but which it nonetheless filled her with glee to give him, and which i loudly lamented with the complaint that i'd now be privy to endless disasters in autocorrect.
my mother looked at me blankly and said, "why, whatever do you mean?"

it pained me somewhat to inform her of something she was entirely unaware. namely, that every single day of the last year, my mother has at least once signed off an email with the statement: "live you munches."

this is my family. i've been with them for 31 years so there's no reason in the world that i didn't anticipate what happened next. 

new catch phrase, ya'll! 

it's "live you munches" 24/7. 



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