28 September 2012

2 The Night of the Four Martinis

on a friday night some weeks ago, k.lo and i met up at matisse for martinis. we ended the night at four rounds.

so, in the hierarchy of Epic Chicago Wild Nights, this ranks just below The Night the Chartreuse Turned On Us (which, btw, equals all kinds of amazing i'm still- two years later- not entirely ready to put into words). 

but back to The Night of the Four Martinis.

The Night of the Four Martinis is important because somewhere in the middle of round two, our dirty bombays converted into truth serum and k.lo and i had a series of deep heart to hearts. 

The Night of the Four Martinis is also important because somewhere in between rounds 3 and 4- after we ordered the nachos but before they had arrived- it was decided that k.lo and i are road-tripping to oklahoma in october for her high school reunion. 

on the absolute most superficial level, this idea is epic. all the ingredients are there: drunken decision-making... a high school reunion... the folly of 22 hours of travel over a mere weekend... 

on a deeper level, this is maybe the greatest idea ever of all time (oct. ed. [sept= beating the bellagio buffet; aug= ice cream @ candlelight vigil; july= jmills's honeymoon; june= the eiffel tower at midnight; etc.; etc.])

when k.lo and i met for wednesday night martini's this week, she'd already begun plotting. while the waitress stuffed the blue cheese in our olives, k.lo, in matter-of-fact tones, laid out her grand plan: "first, we'll wake up and do some shooting, then maybe a round of archery, then my dad will barbecue for lunch, and we might be able to convince my brother to take us to play frisbee-golf."

and you know what'll happen if we're lucky?

"we could go to live dancing at the tumbleweed... stillwater's only over 18 club!"

when i tried to call her out on the notion of "live dancing," k.lo turned serious and, with a sly half-smile, she said this: "it's oklahoma, so you never know if the dancing is live or not."


jmillewitz said...

honestly, this sounds like a super fun adventure that I kind of wish I could join.

oline said...

there will be photos and stories. you'll feel like you were there!