26 September 2012

0 misc.

1) september's almost over, which is alarming. the month has blurred by at such speed that it feels like eons since, while in vegas, i sunburned off half my ass.

2) the other day, my boss had me accompany her to her car in the parking garage in what was, i assume, an HR-prompted check-in to make sure i'm emotionally well in light of my recent loss. as my boss told me i look "unrested" and "sad," the drama was heightened by the fact that (a) we were in a parking garage and (b) she'd had oral surgery mere hours before and her words were barely intelligible thanks to the wad of cotton in her mouth.

3) when i was in memphis for those twelve hours a few weeks ago, i wanted two things: my mother's homemade pizza and to curl up on a couch with my parents and watch the ABC family home for the holidays made-for-television mario lopez/melissa joan hart 2007 event christmas in handcuffs. it says much about our family that we own this on DVD. the fact that it was already in the DVD player maybe says even more.

4) in rearranging my apartment to create a dance floor for prom, the fainting couch got pushed up against the bed and i kind of love the result. it's like sleeping in a sleigh. in reality, it's probably nothing like sleeping in a sleigh, but still there's a comfort to it. to being boxed in. to having boundaries. to having reduced all options for exiting the bed down to one, and a rather unconventional one at that. i'm toying with the idea of keeping it like this. in part, because there's two more parties on the docket. in other part, because it feels as though there are too many options, too much waiting, too many exits in life in general right now and having only one way of getting out of bed is, at the very least, limiting. in third part because i really like sleeping in a sleigh.

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