27 September 2012

4 i say this as someone who doesn't even like football

omg, why have i not been watching friday night lights all along?
get on that, guys.
(yeah, crofts, i'm looking at you.)


Lara Ehrlich said...

I think I might have told YOU that you needed to watch FNL!!! We watched last year, and OH MY GOD TIM RIGGINS!

oline said...

ahhh, see that was when you were living in the wilds. the carrier pigeon with that message must have lost its way.

Les Savy Ferd said...

I'm pretty sure lara was vocal enough in her love of FNL that you could have heard several hundred miles away. No excuses.

And it only gets better and better.

Well, the first half of S2 is horrible, but AFTER THAT, it only gets better and better.

oline said...

i'm currently winding down. 5th episode of season 5. the vince plot is super annoying, but i heart luke and becky and whatever relationship is arising between mindy and becky. basically, i find becky deeply annoying but am fascinated by all her relationships. plus, julie and teach?! scandalous! as elisabeth pointed out on fb, joe mccoy totally = mittens romney.