30 August 2012

1 i write this without knowing whether any of it will come to be.

hey, remember when i had those two things to write? one was an injection of 5,000 words into the sex toboggans and the other was a 5,000-word fifty shades of grey sports parody. and they were due within five days of one another in early september. remember that?

well, sex toboggans = DONE.

huzzah! hurrah! cheers all around!

which brings us to the 5,000-word fifty shades of grey sports parody, of which i currently have 1,899 words.

given that i was burned very badly last fall by a website that commissioned a labor-intensive piece and then rejected it though it was singularly unpublishable anywhere else in all the internets, i'm more than a little reluctant to believe that this is going to go anywhere.

even though my editor's said he likes it.

even though he's penned me in with a serialization start date.

even though he has apparently volunteered me to do a reading.

it all feels very unconfirmed and entirely unsubstantial. but i'm trying to begin to wrap my mind around the fact that this is, indeed, a possibility, so let's evaluate.


of fanfic written about twilight fanfic.

oh dear god.

btw, it includes many paragraphs of this variety: "Without saying a word, he leaned over and put his hand on my knee. It sizzled against the denim of my jeans like an egg hitting a frying pan. Oh crap! What WAS that?! I’d never felt anything like it before. His touch seemed to reverberate like lightening through my jeans, up my leg, past my lady parts, and into my soul. Holy crap."

dear people, tell me: HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO READ THAT IN PUBLIC??!

i mean, if this actually does come to be.

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mak said...

With gusto and without a hint of irony. THAT's how you read that in public.