22 August 2012

1 full draft done. brain fried.

this draft is jam-packed with Ideas. not necessarily Ideas that i want to ever have to support in a public forum or, for that matter, ever think about again. but they're there. and they have required more than 5,000 words in order to be properly conveyed there.

fyi- i would like to never ever think of or write about the sociosexual implications of sex toboggans ever again.



i'm coming to recognize the moment in writing when things fall into place and i'm entering the home stretch. that moment! dear me, thank god for that moment. it is the intellectual equivalent of The Strawberry Cake Of Our Lives.

i don't know if this holds true for everyone, but for me (and this has happened only twice at this point so maybe i'm hasty in calling it "a thing") that moment seems to involve forging a connection at the paper's conclusion with something that was mentioned 10 pages back. a connection that isn't necessarily integral and one the casual reader will likely miss.

i've been thinking entirely too much about readers these past two weeks. because the sex toboggans is, ultimately, about what readers get out of reading. that is an entirely different paper from what i expected to write.

a vast wasteland of abandoned dreams lies between what readers think they're reading and what writers intended to write.

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The Whiffer said...

wow. you've obviously been writing. seamless