24 August 2012

0 coffee

there's this camaraderie that exists among coffee drinkers. much as, i assume, there's a camaraderie among heroin users.

when my work moved, we got a new coffee maker. the pot is bigger than it was before but the grinder is the same, and absolutely no one seems to be able to wrap their mind around the fact that bigger pot = the need for more beans.

someone in our office makes reprehensibly bad coffee. i assume they're only using one cycle of ground beans. in contrast, i use three.

and so, dreading that person's bad coffee, i find myself rushing to get to work early. to beat whoever that person is to the coffee maker and make good coffee, real coffee.

our IT guy appreciates this. he says, "caroline, i knew it was going to be a good day when i could smell your coffee from the front door."

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