30 July 2012

2 PS90210: “not all black people have rhythm. not all latin people are hot tempered. and not all jewish people are great with money.”

Summer’s almost over! SIGH. and so this week’s episode- “castles in the sand” (which immediately makes me think of THIS)- finds brenda and donna on their way home, speeding ever closer towards the vortex of betrayals and stolen kisses that awaits them in beverly hills.
today, class, we’re going to be continuing our analysis of depictions of betrayal, bigotry and ahhhhhhhhndrea’s ongoing inability to keep track of the whereabouts of deaf people on beverly hills 90210 in this, The Summer of Brandon Dates a BigotContinue reading 
look how tall his hair is!!!


mak said...

By linking to Robin Sparkles, you extended the lease on our friendship for another 10 years, which pretty much puts us at forever.

oline said...

i hope everyone who reads/watches this gets "you're so precious to me" stuck in their heads, because it's been in mine all day.