11 July 2012

3 katies

last friday i trekked up to evanston for dinner with mr and mrs k.nord.

a katie pyramid might be helpful:

(the other night, when i was explaining the awesomeness of something k.clen and i had done and steven asked, "which katie is she?" then he switched tack and said: "it might just be quicker if you tell me your friends who aren't named katie." it has come to that.)

KJ= the original katie.

k.nord= (who has maybe the most complicated backstory ever) the katie croftie and i met at the media bistro networking event at the apartment and who, it turns out, worked at croftie's company all along and who i didn't hang out with for like three years- during which time she met a man, had a relationship with him and they married- until last november, when we remembered that we love all the same things and made an effort to be friends again. whew.

katie i., aka KTI= my olympic skating partner, pairs division.

k.clen= co-hijinxtress extraordinairre.

k.smartt= giggles.

that list was très reductive, mind you. très très très. but hopefully it helps distinguish somewhat.

so i went all the way up to evanstan (canada is closer, i think), where we feasted on papa john's (SO GOOD) and spent hours dissecting the weirdnesses of scientology. (btw, you should be reading THIS. all of it. every day. because it is uh-mazing.)

while i was up there in the wilds of evanstan, i realized how incredibly blessed i am to have friendships where a good friday night means chain restaurant pizza and spontaneously renting an episode of australian dateline entitled "scientology: the ex-files."


Les Savy Ferd said...

you should totally start a dream-pop band and call yourselves Caroline and the Katies.

come to think of it croftie is about as close to katie as one can reasonably imagine. You got the same punchy 'kuh' opener, the same whimsical 'tee' closer. All you do is swap out the central Canadian 'eh?' for a 'rof' which seems like it has more street cred anyways.

oline said...

i actually had to explain to johanna the other day that croftie's name is not, in fact, lara croft. and that you are not dougo croft. and that no one is actually named croft, and yet see is croftie and you are collectively the crofts. which seems like a conversation she and i should have had in 2007, but instead had in 2012.

Katie said...

I have to agree that giggles is probably a good nickname for me-although it is not my most attractive feature!! and sadly, right now, i feel like ksmartt= student with absolutely NO life!
Also, I'm very excited to see the new haircut!