19 July 2012

0 eaton knows best

(we should obviously never judge anyone because we're really weird)

at the risk of making all three of you dear readers hate us, i'll admit something you probably already know: we eatons are elistists.

i've recognized this tendency in myself since partner so graciously pointed it out to me in 1999, but i've only recently realized it's a family trait and i've only just now begun trying to figure out how deep in runs.

because it's not just my father, which was what i had thought. no, no. though she was handpicked by burvil as "the easiest to get along with of all of us," debo's got it to.

in relaying to me the particulars of her friend's trip to paris, my mother laced her descriptions with criticisms so gentle they probably would've slipped under my radar were i not always at the ready to pin fault for my elitist genes upon someone else.

but then she said this: "i don't know why she insisted upon doing it that way, when our way was obviously... [insert massive pause]"

i swear, in this moment my heart grinned. because it's not just me. we eatons, we all of us have this ugly streak wired in.

"mummybee, you can say it," i said. "we all know our way is always so much better."

and she let out a sigh of relief and said, "isn't that awful? but it ALWAYS is."

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