26 July 2012

1 dear lisa frank, let's break this down

as you have seen, when i tried explain to lindear the origins of robert pattinson's celebrity nickname- "sparkles"- and the twilight vampiric tendency of sparkling in the sun, her response was "oh, like lisa frank?" thus establishing that, for women of a certain age, twilight is like the trapper keepers of our youth come to life. 

in the midst of that conversation, i submitted to a round of lisa frank google imaging to test this theory. 

i highly suggest that everyone in the world do this. do it now. hell, i will do it for you HERE! because it produces hands down the most extraordinary wall of psychedelia you will ever see. 

the effects of this image search were two-fold. 

(1) it made me long for an exhibition of lisa frank's collected works. 

(2) it reminded me that i once had a notebook with this image on it:

no lie.

this was on the cover of my 4th grade math notebook. it was on glossy paper, so as vivid and trippy as the colors are here, the effect was magnified in real life. 

COLOR EXPLOSION!!! which is, let's face it, pretty much what the 90s were. 

if you're familiar with the work of lisa frank (who is an actual honest to god person [and an attractive one at that]), you will recognize this piece as being typical of her oeuvre.  

if you are not familiar with the work of lisa frank, you will be like "what the fuck?"

let me explain, because i actually know what this is. it's an enormous banana split sundae planet (comprised of lime, raspberry, blueberry and orange ice creams and syrups) atop a bed of additional sundaes topped with tropical flavored olives and candied hearts. in outer space. giving evident glee to a waning moon. 

in keeping with lisa frank's overarching themes, this is a representation of the future and, in this particular piece, the future is a time when we will live in outer space under the oligarchical rule of enthusiastic desserts. 

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Katie C said...

every time you reference Lisa Frank I 1. get jealous because I was getting recycled folders my mom took from students the year previous and they were never cool and never lisa frank and 2. I think about reading this: http://hellogiggles.com/behind-the-rainbow-curtain-an-interview-with-lisa-franks-head-designer go. read. enjoy.