26 June 2012

0 movement

our office moved while i was away. 4 blocks west.

we were in the heart of the loop and now we're on the western edge. i find myself nostalgically returning to the walgreen's in our old neighborhood (the one where croftie and i always used to go and marvel at the saran-wrapped fruit). because i miss it. because it's nicer. because the people there know my name.

everything is different here in the west loop. there are more men. they all wear blue shirts and black pants. the streets are cracked and the ceilings are lower. it is a sushi desert and h+m-- once so close, so convenient-- is now a solid hike away. (my wallet appreciates this, my closet does not.)

it's surprising how big a difference such a small shift makes. a new building, a new key, a new train stop, a new world.

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