19 June 2012

0 i wonder: how could i have ever asked "how can eating ever be enough?" when it so obviously is.

08 OCTOBER 2006

we're at Now, Now

out of absolutely nowhere, since i saw them last my parents have become completely zen. the father cupcake most especially. i think this is the result of overlistening to the shins. he's so mello that he literally came to town to eat and relax. nothing more. it's a limited plan that befuddled my mum and i to no end. there are ferris wheels and stained glass museums and shops and kitties here. we wondered, how can eating ever be enough?

my attempts to make plans, to craft routes, to plot a strategy for showing the wonders of my city were unilaterally met with fatherly reproaches. his let's enjoy the Now came into stark conflict with my let's enjoy the Now in a way that will get us within walking distance of the There.

at the zoo, as i tried to figure how we could best wind up in the right neighborhood for lunch, father cupcake lectured on the importance of Now as opposed to There. that we were to be blithely enjoying the rhinos Now and not wondering when or where we would be There. i countered with the fact that we can better enjoy Now when we are actively on the way There. he said, that is There. this is Now. i responded, this is Now, but we're heading There.

this climaxed in a coffee bar when we sat discussing the conflict of individual Nows. a man had abandoned his table when we came in. he forfeited his Now for us. that became our Now. as we sat in our Now, slowing savoring a pudding-filled cupcake the size of a grapefruit, my mum- seeing the people congregating at the door and awaiting a table- became concerned that our Now was thwarting the Nows around us.

father cupcake leaned back and in suspiciously segal tones said, this is our Now. it's only their Then. we'll get There and Then their Now will come. so, you may ask, what happened to Then? we passed Then. when? just Now. we're at Now, Now. Now? Now!

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